Reporting malware to Patchman


You can report malicious files that the solution does not currently detect to Patchman in a variety of ways. By doing this, you're helping us protect your platform, but also those of other Patchman users through the concept of herd immunity; if only a single Patchman customer finds and reports a malicious file, it may end up (if valid) being quarantined / cleaned across all servers protected by Patchman. 

Important note: Regardless of the submission method, malware will be thoroughly checked and tested before being added to our detection database (either as a file hash, or as a scanning rule).

Once it is, Patchman will be able to detect & quarantine/clean said across your entire platform.

How to report a malicious file

  • Via the Command-line using 'patchman-report /path/to/file.php'
    • You can report malware to us directly on the commandline on any server that has the Patchman agent installed. In order do do this, simply call the command 'patchman-report' followed by the path to the malicious file:
      patchman-report /path/to/file.php
  • Via the API
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