Uninstalling the Patchman agent


Patchman is installed on your system using the standard package manager. This means that you can easily uninstall the software using this package manager.

CentOS / RHEL / CloudLinux
Use the yum package management utility with the following command:

yum remove patchman-client

Debian / Ubuntu
Use the apt package management utility with the following command:

apt-get remove patchman-client

Cancelling the server license
Make sure to cancel the server license in the Patchman Portal. We strongly suggest you do this after removal of the software from your system, because if the software is still running it may automatically request a new license on your account (according to the standard installation procedure).

In the Patchman Portal, go to the server configuration page under Servers. Click the red Cancel button to cancel your license and deactivate it per the renewal date. This will make sure you are no longer billed for this server.


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