Detection states and actions


In the Patchman Portal, every detection has their own state. The following states are defined:

Unresolved / Open The detection is new or no action has been taken yet. 
Resolved The detection has been resolved.
Blocked No automatically scheduled actions will be executed for this detection. (Manual actions will still be executed.)
Reverted The detection was resolved, but the fix has been reverted putting the file back in its original state.
Retracted The detection has been resolved, because the file was changed (outside of Patchman) or has been removed. Most likely the end user has updated his CMS to a newer version.

The following actions are available for detections:

Patch Resolve the vulnerability by patching the file.
Quarantine Resolve the malware detection by moving it to quarantine.
Delete Resolve the malware detection by removing the file.*
Undo patch Revert the vulnerability fix by restoring the original file.
Undo quarantine Revert the malware by fix restoring the original file.
Block Block all automatically scheduled tasks of the detection.
Unblock Resume all automatically schedule tasks of the detection.

(*) The Delete action is permanent and cannot be reverted.

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